EHS ~ 411

15+ Years Environmental Health & Safety Experience

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EHS ~ 411

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EHS ~ 411

EHS          411

Our Mission:  

It is our duty to ensure everyone gets home to those that matter most in one piece. With a key worker injured, a full work stoppage can occur.  This worst case can cost small businesses more in lost productivity and credibility than for large employers.

Aside from business cost, accidents have a human cost.  Either temporary or permanent, injuries keep workers from participating in family outings, actively parenting, and impacts other personal freedoms.

It is a myth and a crutch that small businesses do not have time for safety and sustainability.  We design and implement quality safety support to small business as quickly and cost effectively as possible.
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Free Initial Walk-through

Free Records Review

Program and Policy Writing

Inspection Assistance


Training Development

OSHA 10 & 30-Hour Training

General Industry

Trades Shops:  

Vehicle Maintenance, Telecommunications, Refrigeration, Welding, Carpentry, Entomology, Golf Course Maintenance, etc.

General Areas:  

Grocery, Retail, Food Service, Traffic, DOT Compliance

Confined Spaces

Annealing and Refractory Furnaces, Telecom Manholes, Petroleum Bulk Storage and Transfer Pits, Coalescers, Other Large Vats and Tanks

Specialty Safety:  

Explosive Site Planning (1.1-1.4), Firing Ranges, Large Munition Storage, Large Public Event Planning with and without Pyrotechnics, Airfield Management, Hangars, Asbestos Abatement, Radiation, Lab Safety, High Aromatic to High Aliphatic Mists

Hazardous Chemicals & PSM

Anhydrous Ammonia, Chlorine (gas and pellets), Carbon Dioxide, Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen (liquid/dry, on-site plant/delivered), CNG/LNG, 

Jet Propellants (JP-4 , 7, 8, +100, TS, AVGAS) and Diesel Fuels


Ground Water Remediation,  Title V (Air Permits), Storm Water Permitting, Universal Waste Disposal,

Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal 

Workers' Compensation

Case Management, Legacy Mediation

Regulatory Agencies

OSHA, EPA, Homeland Security

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